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Smart thinking from the top down


Market leaders in the latest generation of floor screed application.

Best product innovator in one system floor build up.

We do this by value engineering robust floor systems that ensure the right solution will be installed in the right way, within the right time frame, every time.

Passion for excellence.


FBI install the latest generation of performance screed systems developed, manufactured and designed specifically to exceed the demands required by various floor finishes. FBI screed systems are built to last and are backed by rigorous conformity to certified standards and industry regulations.

Why use FBI
  • Controlled fast drying from 1-7 days
  • Fast heat response
  • Levelling screed
  • Water based levelling compounds
  • Liquid DPM installers


Site Assessment

Knowledge and experience to survey any site and evaluate what screed system is required, taking into consideration what finished floor will be applied.


In-depth product knowledge and technical experience to work closely with our clients to design the correct specification.

Professional Installation

Getting it right first time, every time.

laying screed


FBI select innovative products that are taking the industry in a new direction.

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  • Taking the mystery and uncertainty out of screed drying
  • Removing associated risks with screeds cracking
  • Increasing compressive and flexural strength
  • Improving thermal conductivity with UFH systems
  • Making it easier for screed technicians to install
  • Providing architects and design engineers with new and significant advantages in building design
  • Enabling safer working practices
  • Creating safer living environments

Our selected products are TUV certified. They are recognised under the latest EU industry standards as a construction product with no negative impact on human health when handled, or added into a floor screed installation.


New build or refurbishment of properties.

home under modernisationIt’s often an over used marketing cliché but in our case ‘no job too big or too small’ is very relevant. So, if you’re building a new house or just refurbishing and existing one we’re here to help.

floorUsing our range of the very best, fast drying screeds, our crack, professional team will be speedily in and out with drying times to match all to the highest of standards. Allowing you to proceed with your development in record time.

Contact us for an estimate stating your floor area, location, the type of screeding required and we’ll price your job with no commitment on your part.

Case study
Windermere  |  Monday, 1 February 2016  |  Bainton Flooring Ltd.

<h5>Existing trench in floor slab exposed after mechanical preparation.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
Requires Aquastop 120 tape to all joint edges.
<h5>Typical movement joints in slab.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
Existing slab conditions.
<h5>Typical movement joint exposed after shot blasting.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1 Slab Preparation</h4>   
Also requires Aquastop 120 tape.
<h5>Typical example of existing slab which shows previous remedial works.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
Also requires Aquastop 120 tape to all joints.
<h5>Existing slab movement/day work joints.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
All these joints require Aquastop 120 tape.
<h5>Wall and floor abutment moisture reading. No 1.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
The fibreboard used at slab level to allow movement, was showing excessively high moisture readings prior to the DPM installation. This measurement was recorded at 99 using the Compact B Hygromette.
<h5>Wall and floor abutment moisture reading. No 2.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
The fibreboard used at slab level to allow movement, was showing excessively high moisture readings prior to the DPM installation. This measurement was recorded at 102 using the Compact B Hygromette.
<h5>1st coat of Kerakoll liquid DPM ep21 with Pulep + Aquastop 120 tape.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
Wednesday 27/1/16.
<h5>2nd coat of Kerakoll EP21 DPM with kiln dried sand applied.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
This photo shows the floor before and after the kiln dried sand application and removal.
<h5>DPM covered with kiln dried sand, with excess removed.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
Arrows show the electricians conduit glued to the surface of the dried resin/sand.
<h5>A record showing vulnerable area of potential exterior water ingress after screed installation.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
Please note this area is at risk of water ingress from the exterior path. Aquastop 120 tape has been applied across the existing threshold with a 6mm foam strip behind it to enable future replacement of the threshold without compromising the DPM system.
<h5>Day 1 screeding with PCT Retanol Xtreme. Friday 29/1/16.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
Bonded screed with PCT ZE. 200sq mts achieved.
<h5>Day 2 of screeding with PCT Retanol Xtreme. Saturday/Sunday 30/1/16, 31/1/16.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
Another 200sq mts achieved. The 3rd day achieved the final 200sq mts of screed.
<h5>Roof leaks Monday 1/2/16.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
These leaks appeared overnight onto the first section of screed.
<h5>Carbide method moisture test. 1/2/2016.</h5>
<h4>Room: Phase 1</h4>   
This test had a result of 3.5%, FBI have recommended waiting a further 24hrs before tiling commences. A reading of 3% or below on the CM scale is required for cementitious adhesive application.

Just some of the leading companies we've worked for.

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